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On Goldie Santiago’s site you will learn about the life, adventures and culture of a New York-based cake designer as she starts to take on more than just the cake decorating world. From childhood Goldie Santiago has loved to bake and decorate cakes. With her grandmother’s family recipes and her eye for an artistic touch, Goldie is now known as an exceptional decorator in the New York City area.


Even though Goldie is known as the “Cake Lady” of New York City, she wants to show the rest of the world that she is more than that. If you are already a Goldie Santiago fan or a person who just has a love for cake decorating, learn from Goldie all of the life experiences, hobbies and interests that have made her who she is today.

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Goldie Santiago does more than just cakes. She has hobbies and interests that span out so much further than the pastry world – though they tend to influence one another. Over the past few years Goldie Santiago has developed a well-rounded sense of life and passion, which she puts into each cake she creates. As the current owner and head decorator for Cake Lady of New York, Goldie Santiago has been giving clients the custom cakes and cupcakes they desire in the greater New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas. With her passion for fine eating and her reputation for exquisite cakes, Goldie is now attracting more customers from Rhode Island and even on the West Coast. Goldie wants to help inspire young women like her throughout the United States and even start up new ventures and meet new friends through her online social experiences.


Goldie Santiago is ready to take on the rest of the world and share her passion for pastry and fine arts – all of which have contributed to the exceptional decorator she is today. Learn about the experiences Goldie has had with her grandmother or even her life in college. No matter what you learn about Goldie Santiago, you will be surprised at how much more there is to this up-and-coming star of New York than just cake.


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Goldie Santiago Website

Goldie Santiago Website

Goldie Santiago Website

Goldie Santiago Website